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Delivering HVAC Solutions

Delivering HVAC Solutions



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The patented Coil Inspection Frame (CIF) enables HVAC Techs to quickly inspect the underside of the A coil, look at the top of the heat exchanger, take temperature readings or static pressure readings.

All of this can be accomplished by simply removing the rubber grommet and inserting the inspection device, or meter probe through the hole. The inspection of the A coil with the CIF will take only a matter of minutes.

Currently nobody is inspecting the evaporative coil on a split system. The Coil Inspection Frame is the easy way to ensure the inspections can be done.  The Coil Inspection Frame is the cost effective way to assure affective evaporative inspection.

The patented Coil Inspection Frame is your key to deliver profitable maintenance agreements.

Increase your profit

Implement Coil Inspection Frames today!

Don’t let your competitor get a jump on you.  Implement the Coil Inspection Frame today!

Reduce costs by implementing the Coil Inspection Frame.